When Was The Last Time Your Treated Yourself?

News| 5th September 2021
When Was The Last Time Your Treated Yourself?
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Between day-to-day errands, studying or work, and family life, taking the time to not only rest but reflect on your accomplishments can very quickly take a backseat. As the summer months roll in, now is the time to take a moment to reward yourself with a little self-care.

Get on nature’s level

Plants have some pretty powerful re-energising properties. According to a study published in the Journal of Physiological Anthropology, plants can boost your mood, concentration and creativity, as well as help minimise stress.

If you don’t consider yourself a green thumb, start out with resilient plants, like aloe vera, snake plant, pothos or a succulent. Pop them in a place they’ll be admired, and don’t forget to follow the caregiving instructions so you can benefit from their beautiful, oxygen giving properties! Head to Big W, where staff will find you the perfect plant AND tell you how to keep it alive. Alternatively, you can pick up a gorgeous bunch of flowers from Woolworths for the low-maintenance route.

Smell the sweet scents of relaxation

Another way to personalise the way you recharge is through aromatherapy. Essential oils not only smell amazing, but they can sometimes assist with alleviating feelings of stress, as well as improving your quality of sleep. Live Life Pharmacy has a bounty of essential oils, candles and diffusers.

Set the scene for some seasonal bliss

Try reworking the decor of important spaces, such as your bedroom, to regularly hit reset and ensure you home continues to inspire you. Something as simple as grabbing a new sheet set, some new homewares from Harvey Norman or a new piece of art can totally refresh your bedroom.

Create your own at-home haven

Designing a tranquil, stress-free zone at home to practice wellness techniques will allow you to find a little Zen every day. It can be as simple as finding a spare room, a space on your balcony or a nook in your living area and adding a few special touches.

Lay down a cosy blanket, a fluffy cushion or a comfy chair and set up a box or shelf full of mini mindful pursuits. This could include novels, colouring books, puzzles, a musical instrument, or any other analogue activity that helps you unwind. One main suggestion from us: keep digital screens out of your haven.

Add moments of calm to your space with candles and other soothing scents. Alternatively, exercise your mind with games and puzzles.

Invest in a revitalising treatment

Sometimes it’s best to leave pampering to the experts. Relaxation treatments such as massages and facials are not only the epitome of self-care, but they’re a fantastic way to relieve tension. As soon as you have a spare hour to yourself, book in for a rejuvenating treatment at Li’s Massage.

Know of another way to recharge your batteries? Let us know by tagging us on Instagram or Facebook, using the hashtag #ResetAndReboot.

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