Six Genius Hacks to Throw the Perfect Garden Party, Without Cooking a Thing!

News| 28th February 2021
Six Genius Hacks to Throw the Perfect Garden Party, Without Cooking a Thing!
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We’re back to school and back to work, and the warmer months are coming to an end. It’s time to make the most of every last moment and enjoy the nights and weekends, while staying close to home. What better place than your very own backyard?

This month, we’re encouraging you to embrace the light evenings and find your moment of #BackyardBliss. It’s all about gathering the troops, enjoying the great outdoors together and making memories.

One of our favourite ways to make the most of the long days is to host a garden party with good food and equally as good company. Nothing feels more blissful than an alfresco afternoon with family and friends!

If you’re short on time, don’t worry –standing over the grill for hours isn’t essential for a garden party.

There are many ways you can put on a fancy spread without dedicating hours of preparation. You can host a soiree to remember, without even cooking a thing.

If you want a #BackyardBliss moment that’s sure to impress but without the stress, we’ve got you covered.

Follow these simple hacks for a low maintenance gathering that’s high on impact and that won’t involve heating the grill…

Ditch the barbeque

Forget spending hours standing over a hot barbeque. Instead, try serving some store-bought rotisserie chicken from Woolworths or cooked prawns from Whitsunday Butchers & Seafood to take a little off your load. All you have to do is plate it up, meaning you can spend more time enjoying the company of your guests.

Keep it simple

Another clever trick to feed your guests without cooking is to buy pre-made salads from The Prickly Pineapple. Then set up a salad station-style table at home, where guests can conveniently help themselves.

Make a mezze board

A mezze board is a great way to serve finger food for guests to graze on. all you need to create one is a large serving board and a selection of cold meats, cheeses, dips and crackers. If you want to make it extra memorable, try adding some deli-style artichokes, roasted eggplant or stuffed vine leaves. Visit The Prickly Pineapple and Woolworths for all your mezze board needs!

Bottle it!

Buy a selection of fancy old fashioned bottled lemonade. Pop the bottles in an ice bucket on a table with some beautiful glasses and a stylish tablecloth and voila! You’ve made a self-serve soft-drink station.

Choose a fuss-free yet fancy dessert

Sweeten the deal and treat guests to a freshly baked dessert from Woolworths. Scones are a sure-fire favourite, coupled with jam and fresh cream. They are simple, tasty and easy to serve up.

Don’t forget the basics

Keeping your guests hydrated when outdoors is key! Don’t forget to make sure there’s plenty of water on hand, by serving chilled bottled water in an ice bucket.

Grab your friends and family and share your garden party with us, using the hashtag #BackyardBliss.

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